What does CrystalMails do?
List of all properties of the tool in the table.

CrystalMails is user-simple, but it also offers a series of useful functions which you really need and can often use in practice.

Creation of newsletters

  • Prepared and optimized topical e-mail templates.
  • Pictorial galleries of various topics are available.
  • Option to create own picture gallery.
  • Simple drag-and-drop content editor.
  • Editing of newsletters in online HTML WYSIWYG editor.
  • Option to use own HTML templates.
  • Variations for creating text e-mails.
  • Cloning/copying of older campaigns.
  • Personalizing of e-mails using own attributes.
  • Anti-spam checking before sending by 70 SPAM filters.
  • View newsletter on testing e-mail address.
  • Optimizing for the correct display in all mail clients and mobile equipment.
  • Create your own e-mails (without our self-promo advertisement).

Administration of the database of recipients

  • Basic data about the recipient and option to define own additional fields.
  • Checking the functionality of recipient’s e-mail addresses.
  • Automatic login and logout of recipients.
  • Sorting of e-mailing recipients into easy-to-orientate lists.
  • Unlimited number of lists of recipients
  • Sorting of recipients and list according to defined criteria.
  • Mass import and export of e-mail addresses.
  • Filtering of recipients according to campaign statistics and consequent creation of new lists.
  • Option to connect to your database of contacts or information system through API.
  • Subscription form for interested parties in your e-mails for your website.

Group distribution of campaigns

  • Fast sending of up to 3.000 e-mails per minute without being penalised by e-mail robots.
  • Sending of more than one list at the same time.
  • Conditioned distribution to the defined part of the recipients list.
  • Checking the duplicity of e-mail addresses.
  • Checking undelivered messages, including the analysis of reasons.
  • Automatic logout.
  • Timing of distribution.
  • Stopping and restoring distribution.

Statistics and evaluation of campaigns

  • Detailed statistics of all distributed campaigns.
  • Reports and graphs are displayed during online distribution.
  • Statistics for the number of e-mails sent, including clicking on links in the e-mail.
  • Statistics for the number of undelivered messages, including reasons for non delivery.
  • Statistics for the number of unsubscribers from the newsletter.
  • Statistics for recipients, including filtered recipients.
  • Integration to your Google Analytics measurement of campaigns.

Accounts and payments used

  • Easy to orientate administration of accounts.
  • Partner access to accounts – invitation to further users.
  • Multi-user accounts
  • Agency accounts
  • Payment history
  • Payments through PayPal or bank transfer.

For developers

  • Connection of own systems by means of CrystalMails API.
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