Simple tool – strong effect
CrystalMails comfortable and easy system will save you time.

Create newsletter


  • Simple drag-and-drop content editor.
  • Databank of e-mail templates is available free of charge.
  • Option to edit colour, font and graphics.
  • Use of our image bank / image gallery (or creation of own).
  • Option to insert own graphic HTML template.
  • Personalize messages using of own attributes.
  • View newsletter on testing e-mail address.
  • Optimise display of newsletter in all interfaces.

Administration of recipients


  • Sorting of recipients into easy to orientate lists.
  • Mass import and export of e-mail addresses.
  • Sorting of recipients and list according to defined criteria.
  • Filtering of recipients according to campaign statistics.
  • Checking the functionality of recipient’s e-mail addresses.
  • Automatic login and logout of recipients.
  • Connect to your database or contacts or CRM through API.
  • Login forms of subscription to newsletter for your web pages.

Group sending of e-mails.


  • Fast sending of up to 3.000 e-mails without being penalised by e-mail robots.
  • Anti-spam checking before sending.
  • Minimise the risk of unsent messages by testing the newsletter with 70 SPAM filters.
  • Test e-mails for verification of the efficiency of sending.
  • Check undelivered messages.
  • Plan the timing of the distribution of the campaign.
  • Stop and restore distribution during the campaign.

Analysis of distribution statistics


  • Detailed statistics of all distributed campaigns.
  • Online display of reports during distribution.
  • Statistics for the number of e-mails sent, including clicking on links in the e-mail.
  • Statistics for the number of undelivered messages, including reasons for non delivery.
  • Statistics for the number of unsubscribers from the newsletter.
  • Integration with Google Analytics for measuring campaigns.
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